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Touch & Feel

Even in today's world of e-mails, blogs and tweets, there's still no substitute for print design—allowing people to literally hold your brand in their hands. We produce strategic, smartly designed and compelling print work for clients in a wide variety of industries. Product & sales sheets for Hewlett-Packard®, direct mail pieces for Subway® Restaurants, referral forms for our dentistry clients and data sheets for UpdateLogic®... Enterprise level to neighborhood level.

Rockhouse can also design and manage your annual reports, brochures, sales kits, direct mail, invitations, posters, newsletters and much more.

Our team has designed, layed-out, type-set and "pre-pressed" over 3,000 pieces of collateral since 1999—Johannes Gutenberg would be proud.

Environmentally Conscious?

Print may not be dead, but it costs more than money to produce those glossy, smooth business cards you hand out like they're going out of style. Although we love print media and embrace its place in the sales and marketing process, we also advocate electronic documentation. The PDF (Post Document Format) is today what the Compact Disc was in 1987. The e-brochure is to print what email is to... what came before email?

The process is much the same: planning, conception, layout & design and output, but you end up with a digital file that, for the most part, can be distributed and consumed the same way a printed piece can... with the environment in mind. Digital files can also include interactive functionality and rich media.

We can also produce your PowerPoint® sales presentations.

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