about rockhouse media

who we are

Collectively we all come from a broad range of backgrounds, share different education levels, technical & creative disciplines, but we all rally around the same set of beliefs that define our approach to design and development. Our team is made up of award winning designers, mind-boggling 3D artists and accomplished web developers. Our work has international reach and touches just about every industry, including both business-to business and business-to-consumer.

Our diversity allows for greater flexibility in how we approach the marketplace—we are not limited to large or complex creative projects to cover enormous overhead costs. Rockhouse Media™ is setup to engage the smallest of client projects, yet scales to accommodate the creative and marketing needs of companies like Hewlett-Packard®, Starwood® Hotels & Resorts and McAfee®—all while remaining competitive within our region. On average our pricing ranks close to 20% less than larger agencies in the area.

12+ years. 6000+ projects. 200+ clients.

Marketing, design, sales support and brand development

what we do

In the simplest of terms, we create. We listen, assist, guide, develop and transform ideas and strategy into an actionable. Whether it's a logo design, a datasheet or whitepaper layout or a complete corporate identity package, our approach is invariable and relentless. As cliché as it sounds, your brand is our brand… and your success is our shared success. We love what we do—we cannot get enough of it; the movement of shapes, the placement of copy, the R & D behind web page eye-flow, all of the elements that may seem as trivial as a Sunday morning crossword puzzle, fuel our passion to create. It is this passion that drives our commitment to your brand or your logo project or the sales and marketing materials you need, for a tradeshow in Houston, three days from now. When you hire Rockhouse Media™, you employ relentless creativity.

While we do not offer a suite of magical solutions, we think we have a pretty darn good understanding of what a twenty first century brand should embody. We are all consumers. We are Facebookers, Yelpers, Tweeters and we love the brands that treat us like human beings. We know what it feels like and tastes like to be treated like consumers and frankly, we need more than that—your brand demands more than that.

why we do it

We have a passion to create and we truly enjoy what we do.

If you were to do a quick web search for the definition of an "artist" you might find something like this:

"An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts and/or demonstrating an art." – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

However you choose to interpret the title, one thing is clear; Designers & Marketers are an entirely unique blend of personality, vision and disposition. Along with our obscure make up, we also maintain some pretty powerful attributes that differentiate us from attorneys, bankers, software engineers, accountants and medical professionals. Our personal constitutions are more closely related to professional scientists and teaching professionals. We work as a team, collaborate as a group and develop solutions in an effort to change the way people interpret messaging and visual content—but at the end of the day, visual design & marketing is very much an individual effort; a vision, a forecast, a creative gamble where the outcome is intended to influence. When achieved, something remarkable occurs… we want to do it again… better.

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Our Clients Speak For Us

  • Rockhouse Media has been an excellent resource for our own marketing and has allowed us to offer professional design services to our clients. Projects are completed in a timely manner and we enjoy working with Rockhouse Media staff. Over the years Rockhouse Media has really been a cornerstone of our business success.

    Aaron Patt, Blackstone Consulting
  • Rockhouse Media was a significant partner in our recent product launch, delivering a series of new marketing materials for our website as well as for an online email campaign for our customer base. Rockhouse Media absolutely puts the customer first. They exhibited great flexibility in meeting our needs with initial designs and later with final execution of all html creative. They were a pleasure to work with and I don't hesitate to recommend Rockhouse Media to others.

    VP of Marketing Ziggs
  • Rockhouse Media has been an impressive and professional endeavor for our office right from the start. From designing our website to aiding in setting up email and the web server, Rockhouse has worked tirelessly to give us a wonderful product. Their background is extensive ideas are cutting edge. In a world of average websites, their products stand out and grab your attention immediately. Rockhouse is responsible for a large volume of our referrals and has opened a window of untapped patient flow. I would highly endorse any endeavor with Rockhouse Media.

    Dr. Jay Nesvold, Atlantic Family Dental
  • Rockhouse Media has designed & developed two spectacular web sites for me over the years. They were ingenious and user friendly with a lot of attention to detail. These websites have won the admiration of my colleagues and my patients.

    Dr. Andre Hashem, Brookline Dental Center